Quality Standards

As Lupo Kids, we design and manufacture our high quality products for use too many years. We design many complementary products for different needs that arise in different age ranges and we enable you to complete your children's deficiencies without having to buy a new room suite. Thanks to Lupo, it is very easy to transform your baby room into a nursery in the following years. The first point of our quality understanding is to produce products that are thought to the finest detail and make your life easier. In addition to these, we use the highest quality raw materials and products in our production. We use 1.quality wood  and MDF for our furniture with the most durable hinges and bolts.

Health is important!

We produce all of our products in accordance with Child Safety Criteria using materials of E1*  standards.

Safe systems

Particularly, we care that our door and drawer systems have a slow shutdown feature so that they do not damage the hands of children.

* E1, define the product groups that produce according to European standards, use without any carcinogens in their content and in accordance with environmental criteria.