About Us

Our company started production activities in 1980 with the name of Emreler Mobilya and in a short time it has become a growing brand in the sector with different furniture production. Then, in 1997, we completed our infrastructure and R&D processes in order to make production for the baby, children and young people and to create expert brands and we have put into practice  the Bebishroom and Lupo Kids brands.

Today, the brand which is the one of Turkey's specialist brand has established to make production for people aged 0-24, it has continued to realize the dreams of our children who are real customers.

For over 20 years, we have been working on the mission of designing living spaces rather than furniture.

None of our real customers are like the other! There are also customers who are misbehaving and who are constantly studying... There are also customers who are misbehaving and who are constantly studying...  There are also customers who are continuous rush and who are sound asleep... Smart, curious, calm, energetic, hard-working, prankish... And what not!

Their common point is the unstoppable imagination.

Our children discover themselves in their rooms, they dream here, they love their rooms very much. We are doing whatever we can to realize their eternal dreams. We know that their childhood and early youth are the most important part of their lives and we offer them magical worlds. Some children are princesses, some children are pirates. But we all faithfully wish all of them to enjoy their life and dream exciting imagination in their rooms.

You don't want to grow up….

You love it even when you grow up!