Little Prince Baby Room

When you look at the sky at night, you'll know that I live and laugh at one of the stars. That's why all the stars will look like they're laughing at you. There will be only your laughing stars all over the world.”

Little Prince was saying like that! If you see a star blinking at you when you turn your head to the sky on a sparkling night, wave hand to it! Because it's the Little Prince's planet! Are you surprised? Actually, everyone has a separate planet! Your baby's planet is also huge world where the most beautiful dreams that fit into!

Product Features

▪ Durable and long lasting MDF material

▪ Massive wood furniture legs and connectors

▪ Safe plexi application

▪ Doors with brake hinges

▪ Tandem type brake and concealed system rail drawers

▪ E1 conforming to Child Safety criteria, material quality in European standards

▪ Unlimited color options

▪ Measurement option for room size

▪ Optionally bedside alternatives

▪ Free assembly

▪ Safe transportation (Free delivery to Istanbul addresses)

▪ Advantage of paying in advance or in installment sales to Credit Card

▪ After-sales service

▪ Delivery Time is changing between 15 days and 1 month.



▪ 3 Door Cabinet

▪ Montessori

▪ Chest of drawers

▪ Bookshelf