Daphne Baby Room

Daphne is a fairy girl in ancient Greek mythology. However, when she flees Apollo, the beautiful fairy girl turns into a tree. And since then, she continues to exist as a laurel tree. Apollon makes a crown by taking leaves from the laurel tree and never removes this crown from its head again. Since then, a crown of laurel trees has been placed on top of all the Apollo statues. Daphne is always alive and it never loses its leaves.

That's why it's a symbol of life. Just like our babies….

Product Features

▪ Durable and long lasting MDF material

▪ Massive wood furniture legs and connectors

▪ Safe plexi application

▪ Doors with brake hinges

▪ Tandem type brake and concealed system rail drawers

▪ E1 conforming to Child Safety criteria, material quality in European standards

▪ Unlimited color options

▪ Measurement option for room size

▪ Optionally bedside alternatives

▪ Free assembly

▪ Safe transportation (Free delivery to Istanbul addresses)

▪ Advantage of paying in advance or in installment sales to Credit Card

▪ After-sales service

▪ Delivery Time is changing between 15 days and 1 month.



▪ 3 Door Cabinet

▪ Bedstead

▪ Chest of drawers

Title Width Depth Height
3 Door Cabinet 159 60 231
Bedstead 193 90 120
Chest of Drawers 110 50 130
Cedar Bedstead 144 92 127