Venice Kids Room

We have established a world for the brothers of the spirit of discovery and give a name of the Venice Kids Room! The Venice Kids Room is taking its name the city of canals, gondolas and narrow streets. In this magical world, tiny explorers will first learn to discover themselves and become individuals, learn to own their own dreams and to take care of them. If they grow up as a happy child and realize their own dreams, we will be happy with their happiness and we will be proud of their success.

Product Features

▪ Durable and long lasting MDF material

▪ Massive wood furniture legs and connectors

▪ Safe plexi application

▪ Doors with brake hinges

▪ Tandem type brake and concealed system rail drawers

▪ E1 conforming to Child Safety criteria, material quality in European standards

▪ Unlimited color options

▪ Measurement option for room size

▪ Optionally bedside alternatives

▪ Free assembly

▪ Safe transportation (Free delivery to Istanbul addresses)

▪ Advantage of paying in advance or in installment sales to Credit Card

▪ After-sales service

▪ Delivery Time is changing between 15 days and 1 month.



▪ 4 Door Cabinet

▪ Bunk

▪ Study desk

▪ Nightstand

Title Width Depth Height
4 Door Cabinet 175 56 220
Bunk 245 100-198 210
Study Desk 270 61 75
Nightstand 68 45 48