Ballerina Kids Room

A ballerina who decorates every young girls’ dreams ... It emits a dazzling light around itself when nature of its whiteness, elegance and innocence meets music its soul. Watchers suddenly feel that gravity has disappeared. The ballerina with the elegance is fascinated to the young girls when rising on their fingers. Can its name be Anna Pavlova? Or Rudolf Nureyev? Maybe it's a fairy with its little wings! But absolutely, it is a fascinating source of inspiration for every child with purity, grace and innocence in his soul. Just like the Ballerina Kids Room!

Product Features

▪ Durable and long lasting MDF material

▪ Massive wood furniture legs and connectors

▪ Safe plexi application

▪ Doors with brake hinges

▪ Tandem type brake and concealed system rail drawers

▪ E1 conforming to Child Safety criteria, material quality in European standards

▪ Unlimited color options

▪ Measurement option for room size

▪ Optionally bedside alternatives

▪ Free assembly

▪ Safe transportation (Free delivery to Istanbul addresses)

▪ Advantage of paying in advance or in installment sales to Credit Card

▪ After-sales service

▪ Delivery Time is changing between 15 days and 1 month.



▪ 4 Door Cabinet

▪ Bedstead

▪ Chest of drawers

▪ Study desk

▪ Nightstand

▪ Makeup desk

▪ Cedar

Title Width Depth Height
4 Door Cabinet 185 54 216
Bedstead 213 107 107
Makeup Desk 90 51 162
Study Desk 120 60 80-115
Nightstand 55 51 65